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Double Chin Got You Down? Chin Up On The Situation

By October 3, 2011 No Comments

Get Rid of a Double Chin with Liposuction

Do you look in the mirror or in pictures and see that you have more than one chin?  This is a common aesthetic complaint among both men and women.  Many are on a quest looking  for ways to get rid of an unsightly double chin.

An accumulation of fat can occur on the underside of the jawline quite easily in some people, even for those that are in shape or at an ideal weight.  Many people with this concern try exercise and diet to get rid of a double chin, but very few succeed with these techniques.

Though chin and neck exercises  can improve muscle tone, the accumulation of fat on the upper neck or under the chin will likely still remain.  With exercise, you are really just building strength, firmness, and size of the muscles.

Chin straps and other garments do not do much on their own.  Chin straps and other neck wraps are effective when worn following surgery for compression.

Liposuction surgery of the double chin is the most  effective for eliminating excess fat of the under chin and upper neck area.

Small incisions are placed  under or behind the ears in a very hidden way. These small incisions are access points where the a small suction cannula is placed to remove the fat.  The surgery itself is quick and the recovery from this surgery is fairly rapid. Following surgery, a chin strap will be advised to be worn for a few weeks to help compress the tissue and minimize swelling. By wearing the proper post surgical garment, this will also help to tighten the skin and contribute to the best aesthetic outcome.

A  necklift /facelift procedure is a  be a better surgical option for someone with  redundant and excess skin that cannot be successfully treated  with liposuction alone and for those patients with platysmal bands.

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