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Do you think your child needs stitches? What to do when you need immediate care and attention…

By July 12, 2013 No Comments

What is StitchMD?

StitchMD is the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group’s answer to 24-hour emergency service for minor trauma including lacerations, hand injuries, facial trauma including broken noses and facial bones and burns . As specialists in these area, the StitchMD plastic surgeons are highly trained and experienced in suture methods that help to minimize scars as well as treat other injuries.

Who should call StitchMD?

Anyone that is concerned with an injury, cut/laceration, wound that is looking for immediate professional care and attention.  The surgeons at StitchMD are experienced with children and adults. They are familiar with complicated work related injuries as well as minor injuries at home or trauma in the playground or sportsfield.

Does StitchMD accept my insurance?

StitchMD is an emergency service that provides immediate care in an office or hospital setting. Depending on the place of service, most insurance plans are accepted and honored.

How do you know if you need StitchMD?

When in doubt, call StitchMD and a expert will return your call immediately and answer your questions.

Got a cut? We can help! Call our 24 hour helpline  855-STITCH-LA,  that’s 855-784-8245!