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DermaMinerals – Makeup that improves your skin!

By October 3, 2012 No Comments

You do so much to repair and protect your skin on a daily basis- Don’t let your routine fall short when you reach for the makeup! You truly can keep the benefits going even while you’re wearing makeup. DermaQuest skin therapy’s DermaMinerals is a beautiful blend of all natural minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants that actually help to improve your skin.

Our Aesthetician, has done makeup professionally for over 14 years. She  has worked with Laura Mercier, Makeup Forever, Paula Dorf, and Tini Beauty to name a few. In her opinion, DermaMinerals foundation trumps all others. Our patients agree-

Breathable Coverage Mineral Foundation SPF 30 is a weightless formula with skin strengthening ingredients like Sodium PCA & Sodium Hyaluronate to improve your skins ability to retain water (keeping it plump), Algae Extract to improve a healthy glow and even Xylinum Black Tea Ferment, commonly known as Kombucha to boost skin immune function and assists in restoring volume to deficient zones in the skin. You’ll see and feel the difference!





Another favorite from this company is their Translucent “On-the-Go” Finishing powder. We love how this product has a built in brush on applicator making it super easy to reapply sunscreen all thorough out the day without messing up makeup or feeling greasy (it helps to absorb excess oil). This mineral sunscreen formula adds immediate mineral sun protection with 92 trace minerals to improve your skin (helping to keep your skin even toned and wrinkle free). This amazing product even has anti-aging peptides- Now that’s what we call makeup that improves skin!


Come on in to try these amazing products out and get some free makeup and skin tips from our Clinical Skin Experts!