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Tummy Tuck through C-Section Scar Revision

By September 27, 2011 No Comments

The birth of a child can be a beautiful thing, but the scar of a c-section and abdominal stretchmarks might not be the most joyful reminders.

A c-section is typically performed when there is some difficulty in normal (vaginal) childbirth. C-section delivery requires making an incision on the abdomen.  This is an invasive operation in which the incision can be quite long.  In most cases, the surgeon performing the c-section will  make a lower incision so that the scar will be as low and inconspicuos as possible, especially when wearing a bikini or underwear . In certain cases,  the position of the baby prior to delivery may require a vertical cut, rather than the type horizontal incision.

In every type of operation which requires an incision, large or small, typically means leaving a scar. The appearance and the quality of the scar depend on a patient’s genetics, healing process, skin conditions,  and the suturing performed by the surgeon.  A new c-section scar that has not yet matured, can appear raised and red.  The appearance of the scar usually fades into a white line with time.  In some cases, a patient may desire a scar revision surgery, where the old scar is removed (cut-out) and the new incision is closed under less tension, which results in a thinner and less visible scar. Those interested in having more than just a c-section scar revision, but rather, a  “mommy” make-over,  a c-section scar can be replaced with a scar used to do a tummy tuck.

Simply put, the old c-section scar is replaced with a new tummy tuck scar which in turn also removes excess skin and at the same times tightens the rectus muscles which are loosened during the process of pregnancy.  An internal corset is created by plicating the rectus muscles and creating the youthful abdomen that was there prior to pregnancy.

To discuss more about c-section scar revision or the mommy-make-over surgery you deserve, call us at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group to discuss what options are best for you!

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