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Botox to Eliminate Neckbands and Excessive Sweating!!!

By October 31, 2011 No Comments

Can’t find an antiperspirant that is strong enough to keep your underarms dry?

Neckbands bothering you but not yet ready for surgery?

BOTOX to the rescue…

The embarrassment of apparent perspiration in the armpit area no longer has to exist. Botox can do much more than just help eliminate unwanted wrinkles, it has the power to temporarily limit the amount of excess sweat in the armpits, otherwise known as Hyperhidrosis. With about 30-50 units per armpit, 20 mins of your time for the injection process, and no recovery time, your results should noticeably take effect in approximately 1-2 weeks. The results can last anywhere from 2-5 months, as the longevity effect can vary from person to person.

Are you someone who doesn’t feel quite ready for surgery but disturbed by obvious neckbands? Botox can also rejuvenate an aging neck by helping to temporarily relax the neckband muscles. Anywhere from 10-30 units per neck band, 20 minutes  for the injection process, and no down-time. The results should be in full effect within about 1-2 weeks and lasts anywhere between 2-5 months.

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