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Ask Dr. Layke: Choosing Your Rhinoplasty Surgeon

By November 8, 2017 No Comments

Think of the last time you had sushi: your favorite place with sea-to-table fresh fish, carefully handcrafted rolls created before your eyes, and a delicious sake to wash down those spicy shishito peppers, and light-hearted conversation with an itamae (sushi master)! Yes, it cost you a bit more, but it was so worth it! Now, imagine sushi that you would pick up from a gas station: unsure of how long it had been sitting there, that familiar unsavory “fishy” smell, washing it down with a warm beer. Of course you saved beaucoup bucks with this option, but was it worth the salmonella poisoning?

You may think that this is a far stretch from choosing your rhinoplasty surgeon, but in reality – it’s not. Nasal surgery is often complex, with a perfect balance between structure and function, each procedure carefully planned and executed to achieve the best result.

Therefore, who would you choose to do it? The Board-Certified plastic surgeon who has performed countless rhinoplasties before yours, who has the before-and-after photos to back up this skill and experience? Or would you trust your face to the lowest bidder, a “chop shop” that employs surgeons fresh out of residency lacking the vision, or most certainly, the skill required to achieve the result you’re hoping for?

Rhinoplasty surgery is not something to trifle with. The rule behind this procedure is that you only want to do it once!