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Back Fat Liposuction: Achieving a Leaner Looking Back

By March 13, 2012 No Comments

Did you know that the skin located around our eyes is the thinnest, and the skin on our back is the thickest?  Often times what patients are complaining about when they grab their back is really just excess skin, but in others, excess fat can be stored in the back causing extra rolls or fullness in areas less desirable.

A lot of times, in women especially, extra skin is accentuated in the back area due to wearing a bra. The compression from the bra puts extra pressure on the skin that is in-between the bra’s material and emphasizes what is seen as a fat roll. This is certainly more apparent with those that heavier breasts.  The heavier weight of breasts, the more support and compression the bra will have not only on the breasts, but also on the back (and back skin).

Yet for those that have extra fat in the back, under-going liposuction in this area is probably the easiest to recover from than any other areas on the body. Since the back’s skin is nice and thick, the discomfort level after liposuction in the area seems to be very minimal. Though the surgery will require a few small incisions for the cannula insertion, the scars are typically inconspicuous. The surgery can take any where from 1-2 hours to complete depending on the amount to be liposuctioned, the technique and precision being performed by the Plastic Surgeon. It is usually always done with the patient under general anesthesia and in an outpatient setting. Compression garments will be advised by Dr. Danielpour and Dr. Layke for the patient to wear anywhere from several days to several weeks following the procedure. Results become more evident with time, allowing any swelling (and possible bruising) to dissipate.The results can be very satisfying, especially when realistic expectations are understood.

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