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As a Man, Should I Get Rhinoplasty Too?

By January 21, 2021 No Comments

As men, we are often trained to downplay our looks. After all, if we are insecure about our appearance, what kind of man are we?

The answer: the same as any other. There is nothing wrong with disliking some aspect of your body and doing what you can to fix it. Cosmetic surgery isn’t a crutch for one’s insecurity — it’s a solution for those looking to address a problem that’s been plaguing them.

Don’t like what you’re seeing on the scale? Better get back to the gym. The new hairstyle not working out the way you hoped? Guess it’s time to head over to the barber. Not quite thrilled with your nose? Well, let’s talk about a rhinoplasty.

Male rhinoplasty can be done for all sorts of reasons. Often, there are distinct medical reasons why they need to be done. Perhaps you were born with a nasal passage that impedes your ability to breathe. Or maybe you broke your nose and it just never healed quite right.

In cases like these, a rhinoplasty could be precisely what you need to alleviate discrete medical issues. But even if your problem boils down to “I don’t like the way my nose looks,” there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Our looks affect not only how people view us, they directly feed into our self-confidence. If your nose is preventing you from gathering the courage to apply for that big job or ask that certain someone out to dinner, what’s the harm in directly addressing it?

It’s never been easier to get a rhinoplasty. They are not the extravagant expense you might think they are, and operating time lasts anywhere from thirty minutes to a couple of hours.

For more information on the treatments we have available at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group, we encourage you to schedule a consultationtoday.