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Are your droopy lids making it difficult to see?

By June 3, 2013 No Comments

Are you lids sagging and making it difficult to see?

Due to the effects of time, heredity, and environmental influences the upper eyelids can start sagging and become heavy.  As the lids progressively get heavier they can limit our ability to drive and conduct simple tasks of every day life.  I(n cases of functional impairment, a very straightforward and rather simple operation called an upper blepharoplasty can remedy the problem and lead to a much improved quality of life.

Upper eyelids may become sagging due to excess skin, drooping of the eyebrows, congenital or senile ptosis or a combination.  A thorough examination will determine the cause and treatment.

When upper eyelids become heavy enough, peripheral (side) vision may be impaired.  Improving one’s side vision does not help with reading or seeing letters on an eye chart but rather helps us appreciate objects to the side and above. Prior to surgery we commonly refer to an ophthalmologist for a proper visual fields test to determine the severity.  This test is required if an attempt is to be made to obtain insurance coverage of upper blepharoplasty surgery.

Upper eyelid treatment is usually performed in an outpatient surgery center or sometimes in the comfort of our office procedure room depending on the severity. Sedation is typically administered intravenously so that patients do not feel any discomfort during the procedure. The procedure typically takes about 45 minutes and is outpatient.

The recovery after an upper blepharoplasty is very easy and uncomplicated. There is minimal swelling and bruising and Tylenol is usually sufficient to alleviate minor postoperative pain.  Patients are asked to use cold compresses on their eyelids for the first 24-36 hours after surgery and to avoid heavy bending and lifting for one week. While complications can occur following any surgical procedure, when upper blepharoplasty is performed by an experienced surgeon the likelihood of a serious problem developing is low.

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