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Are your breasts weighing you down?

By July 30, 2012 No Comments


Over the past 10 years there has been an increase in breast augmentation surgery.  In our society women seek larger breasts and yet at some point a woman’s breasts can be too large. For the population that have macromastia, or large breasts, the extra weight causes many problems, sometimes debilitating and chronic in nature.  The larger sized breasts cause back and neck pain, grooves in their shoulders from bra straps and makes it difficult to do everyday tasks.

The solution to this is to reduce the size and therefore the weight of the breasts.  The ideal breast reduction would raise the nipple/areola complex and place it in the right position.  Ideally the optimal operation would have the least amount of scarring possible and provide a lasting reshaping of the breast.

Is it possible to reduce the breast size and provide an aesthetically pleasant breast with minimal scars?

Over the years we have drastically changed the way breast reductions are done.  The scar has been changed from a very unappealing “anchor” or  “inverted T” scar to a simple “lollipop” scar that is much smaller and fades over time.  More importantly, we as plastic surgeons have realized that to create a breast that is aesthetically appealing with good shape and projection, the reduction has to involve rearrangement of breast tissue and not just skin redraping as in the past.  With new short scar techniques we are able to reduce the breast, while creating a breast with good shape and projection and a minimal scar.

Compared to other operations performed by us, breast reduction surgery is relatively painless and the recovery time is minimal.  There is restriction from heavy lifting and strenuous activities that involve the upper body for 6 weeks, but that is so the scars heal as best as possible.  Sensation to the nipple/areola is maintained and sometimes even enhanced. There is a small amount of wrinkling of skin beneath the breast that resolves with time. This procedure is very safe and when combined with liposuction of excess tissue under the arm results in a very natural appearing breast.

Breast reduction surgery offers a dramatic change in appearance for women and most often immediately relieves back and neck pain that may be associated with large breasts. The procedure is done under general anesthesia and takes approximately two hours to perform.  Depending on the size of reduction, this can be covered by most insurance plans.

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