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Anti-Aging Skin Care- 5 things you need to know!

By October 22, 2012 No Comments

Anti-Aging — we are all concerned with it and the skin care companies know it. It seems that everything being sold to us these days promises to be the anti-aging super product we are all in search of.

Here are the 5 main things you need to know when it comes to “Anti-Aging skin care.

  • It’a all about vitamin A & C
  • Peptides are your hero
  • using Sunscreen IS anti-aging
  • Supplements matter
  • Professional treatments and Home Care are KEY
What’s so special about Vitamins A & C?
Vitamin A address skin at the DNA level- talk about changing the appearance and health of your skin! Vitamin A is known as the “skin normalizer.” It is CLINICALLY PROVEN to increase collagen & elastin production, improve skin hydration, even skin tone and rejuvenate overall skin tone and texture. 
Vitamin C is an essential antioxidant vitamin that improves tone and texture of skin, lightens hyperpigmentation and increases collagen production.
*Note not all Vitamin C is not created equal! it must be a fat soluble form in order to be absorbed into the deeper layers of your skin- the only way it will provide these benefits. We like Environ and Revision, 2 medical grade brands that contain the fat soluble form of Vitamin C. (Available at BHPSG of course)
Peptides are amino acid strands that naturally occur in your skin. Creating them in a lab allows us to utilize the intelligence of our human design to carry messages and “instructions” to the skin on what we want it to do. This is a HUGE benefit! We can actually use peptides to “fill in” wrinkles by stimulating collagen production, slow down muscle contractions- acting as “topical botox.” Peptides can also strengthen and firm skin.
What single thing is responsible for the most damage to your skin? SUN! When UVA and UVB rays hit the skin they cause a chain reaction of destruction including but not limited to: inflammation (which is the root of all disease), burn, uneven skin tone, deep wrinkling, sagging, breakdown of collagen, free radical damage, and yes you know it’s coming– SKIN CANCER. Protecting yourself from sun’s damage will literally add years to your skin and life.
Why? The simplest answer is your skin needs it and yes, it makes a difference. Imagine your body as a pyramid- your skin is that tiny thing at the top. Even though it is your largest organ and has a hefty list of responsibilities, your skin is last in line for handouts. When you eat food, your body absorbs nutrients and sends the benefits out to the organs that need it most. Starting with your brain and heart, your body will cycle through the list of all the other 8 systems of organs before the skin finally gets some love. Take a minute to evaluate your eating habits- does your diet consist of mostly kale, spirulina, hemp seeds, broccoli, spinach and berries? Even if it is, your skin is more than likely not getting any nutritional support from your basic diet. Taking a supplement with ingredients that your skin needs to function at its best could really help your efforts to slow down the imprint of the years- it surely can’t hurt!
Professional Facials & Home Care-
Regular facial treatments not only help to strengthen and revitalize your skin, working with a skin care professional can keep you on the fast track to achieving your best possible skin and even help to  save you tons of money in the long run. Think about it- there are overwhelming amounts of skin care and gadgets out there and if you do really care about anti-aging, I’m sure you’ve spent boucoup bucks trying everything  there is to improve your complexion, and I’m sure you’ve had to throw away many of them after finiding that they did not work for your skin, or possibly even caused an adverse reaction. When you work with a professional that knows your skin and what it needs, this game of product gambling ends and surprise, surprise, your skin improves!
I’m sure there are some of you who hate the dreaded “sell” of skin care products after your facial treatment, but it’s time to listen up- using the proper products at home will give you results you can see. Pro treatments go deep, so you see that benefit immediately after a facial- if you like to keep that gorgeous glow of health, and continue addressing your skin issues for an improved complexion- using the right products on your skin on a daily basis will provide that improvement you’re looking for. Repetition is rewarding!