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A Little About Lipo

By August 29, 2011 No Comments

Liposuction or “lipo” is the most common cosmetic procedure and is designed to remove fat from the body that is resistant to diet and exercise.  There are many types of liposuction and methods to achieve the same goal. Liposuction recovery, however, is essentially the same regardless of whether laser liposuction, ultrasonic liposuction or some other variation was performed.

What is the recovery from liposuction like?

The most uncomfortable period following lipo is the first 2 days.  There is a general sense of soreness and discomfort.  The areas that have had liposuction are swollen and can be messy, since anesthetic and other fluids leak from the port sites, or small holes left by the device that physically removes the fat during liposuction (called a “cannula”).

The swelling and bruising is inevitable following liposuction and will subside in a few weeks, depending on how quickly an individual heals.  Although bruising typically resolves within a few weeks, some swelling may linger for approximately four to six months or more. What’s most important to keep in mind is that the final liposuction results cannot be judged until at least four to six months after surgery. Numbness and hardness of the treated area may last for three months or sometimes longer.

Complete recovery, meaning the final aesthetic result, may take up to 6 months however return to work and physical activities can be as quickly as a few days, depending on the location and extent of liposuction.

To optimize healing during the liposuction recovery period and ensure the best possible result is achieved, there are a few tips your surgeon may recommend.

First, wearing a compression garment (similar to binding undergarments, such as a girdle or Spanx) for two to four weeks after liposuction may help to reduce swelling and help skin contract so that it heals evenly, without unwanted folds, lumps or creases.

At Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group, we  also recommend herbal supplements to reduce bruising.  We prefer Arnika Forte which is a blend of Arnica Montana and Bromelien.

In summary, recovery from liposuction is rather uncomplicated and the duration is short, therefore if you are thinking about getting rid of those “problem” areas, please call (310) 275-6600 or visit to view before and after photos of the procedure.