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A Younger-Looking -YOU! The Benefits of Fractional CO2 laser therapy

By July 6, 2011 No Comments


Wish to diminish the signs of aging, stress, and sun-damage?  With Fractionated CO2 treatment, it is possible!


So, how does it work? A fractionated laser beam delivers thousands of tiny columns of heat deep into the skin, which encourages the recycling of old, damaged skin cells and forming new collagen. Fractional lasers leave surrounding tissue unaffected and intact allowing the skin to heal fairly rapidly.

What will it change? A single treatment can lighten age spots, sun damaged skin discoloration and freckles. Furthermore, it can diminish fine wrinkles, shrink pore size, tighten skin, and lighten scars. Once a treatment has been performed, patients continue to see additional improvements as an increased production of collagen builds over the next several months.

What will I look like? For the first couple of days following the treatment, you will likely look as if you had a bad sunburn. Any minor discomfort associated should be considered tolerable. Most patients should be able to return to work two days after the procedure. Your skin should peel a lot the first week and a little more for several days afterward. The most common side effects are temporary swelling and redness.


Feel Young, Look Younger!

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