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5 Reasons to Get a Back Facial

By July 30, 2018 No Comments

Back Facial

We all know what a facial is and a facial remains one of the most popular dermatological procedures known to man. Why? Because our faces take a ton of abuse from the sun and environmental toxins. More often than not, our faces are exposed to the elements, like harsh winds, frosty temperatures, and damaging UV rays.

But what if we could give that same sort of concentrated care our faces get during a facial to other areas of our body that need some serious TLC?

Your back is one of those areas, and a Back Facial from Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group is a great way to give deep cleansing and revitalizing benefits to your back. Below are 5 quick reasons why you should consider this deep-cleaning treatment for your largest area of skin.

1.) Because Your Back is Hard to Reach!

It’s true. Your back is likely the most difficult area of your body to clean. You know how you have to ask someone to scratch your back when you get itchy in that impossible area you can’t reach, right? If you can’t scratch it yourself, you’re likely unable to clean it yourself. Getting a back facial is a great way to stay on top of hygiene and avoid breakouts.

2.) To Stay Free of Acne

Ever heard of “Bacne”? Your back and chest two additional areas prone to getting skin blemishes and breakouts (second only to the face). Our Back Facial procedure is a great way to deep clean your pores, remove unwanted blackheads, and give your back the VIP treatment.

3.) Treat Blemishes, Age Spots, and Rashes

Since we don’t see our backs often, we’re more likely to let age spots and blemishes run their course. Utilizing the Back Facial treatment will help get rid of skin imperfections, improving tone and boosting skin radiance.

4.) Because It’s Still Swimsuit Season

Maybe you haven’t been to the beach as much as you’d like so far this summer. Getting a Back Facial will give you renewed confidence. If you had a nasty breakout prior, we can help you deal with your skin imperfections so you can enjoy the beach weather carefree!

5.) Repair Summer Skin Damage

A Back Facial is a fantastic way to both prepare you for summer and to repair accumulated damage from sun exposure.

Not only is our Back Facial procedure an excellent treatment for aesthetic enhancement results, but it’s also a soothing, relaxing experience where the focus is put on you. If you’d like to learn more about our Back Facial treatment or any of our wide array of aesthetic enhancement procedures, contact Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group today to schedule your consultation.