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Get the Scoop on Chemical Peels

By October 11, 2012 No Comments

Through the end of October – schedule any peel and receive $50-$100 OFF!

Forever Young DermaQuest Peel Collection is now at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group.

Refine, Repair and Renew your complexion with 4 new solutions for turning back the hands of time.

Choose from Professional treatments formulated to help

  • Refine overall skin tone and texture- excellent for repairing sundamaged or photodamaged skin.
  • Improve acenic skin, sun damage and aging all in one with the new modified Jessners Peel
  • SKINBRITE peel is an advanced combination of melanin inhibitors and exfoliating AHA’s to effectively address hyper pigmentation, sun damage and dark spots. Best of all its safe for ALL skin types and colors.

Boost any peel procedure with these intensive upgrades:

  • Brightening booster- formulated with Azelaic acid, Kojic acid and soothing plant extracts to help improve the appearance of skin discoloration.
  • Retinol Serum- a professional grade retinol to further improve the effects of exfoliation with any peel. It will promote healthy skin regeneration and enhance overall results. 

Why Peels? Natural acids help to soften and smooth the appearance of the skin by breaking up the bonds that hold sticky, dull skin cells on the surface. As we age, our natural cell turnover/regeneration slows down (just like everything else!).  Seasonal peels are recommended to stay on top of healthy aging and maintain a youthful, even toned and glowing complexion.

…and that’s just what you see on the surface!
Peels help to stimulate and activate your skin’s collagen and elastin production- keeping you PLUMP & TIGHT.  They also help normalize skin’s melanin production and shed layers of stained cells (sun spots, Melasma, hyper pigmentation) helping to revive an even toned complexion.

Will you have to stay inside and look like a lobster for weeks?
NO! Thanks to movies & media, most of us have a mis-informed conception of what a peel is actually like. There are 3 different grades of peel: Light, Medium and Deep. Most peels performed on a regular basis are light to medium. Deep peels are those that you’ve seen portrayed on Sex and the City and “horror stories.” Deep peels are rarely done, and reserved for extreme cases.

Light peels have little to no skin peeling at all. Some light and all medium peels require about 3-5 days of light peeling- as if you had a sunburn that peeled- Any informed Aesthetician can walk you through what to expect with each peel. Remember that Spas, without a medical license, are only allowed to perform light peels (under 30%). Results can be immediate, but best results are seen with a series of treatments ranging from light to medium. Preformed at a consistent duration of 2-4 weeks apart will allow your results to “piggy back,” upon the one before and reveal better and more vibrant skin with each session.

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